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About Us

The Smile 90210 Dental Clinic was created to offer the absolute best in dental care. We want to give every patient that walks through our door the feeling that they have walked into a Beverly Hills dental office. From the beautiful decor to the state of the art dental equipment, we have gone to great lengths to insure you feel you are in just the right place.

Our dentists are highly trained and experienced. They were chosen not only for their extensive training and skills but for their caring dispositions. One visit to our clinic and you will immediately see the difference. Our dentists are ecstatic to provide dental care to patients knowing that they are supported by the most modern and highly technological dental laboratory in Central America, and the lab is right up stairs. See the resume page of our website to see the details of our highly competent dentists.

One of the most important aspects of restorative dentistry is the laboratory that your dentist sends your case to. Smile 90210 was founded by a US dental technician with over 34 years of experience. Mike Lomax our founder and the owner of Reliable Arts Dental Lab is an American CDT. Mike has been fabricating and exporting from Costa Rica restorative dental products from implants to zirconium crowns, bridges and dentures for 11 years. Mike is responsible for training nearly half of the technicians that currently provide restorative dental products in and exported from Costa Rica. The laboratory itself is over 7000 sq feet of brilliant lab space and employs 40 technicians that have worked for Mike and Reliable Arts Dental Lab for nearly 11 years. One look at the lab and you will feel confident that Smile 90210 will be your best choice for restorative dental services in Costa Rica.

Technology is another critical aspect when considering dental care. You can be sure that at Smile 90210 we offer the latest in technology.

Digital x-rays on a large LCD monitor allow us to show our patients just what we see as we analyze your dental issues. The clarity and magnification of our Kodak digital imagery assures our patients that we are seeing all that can be seen with the latest in technology.

We also offer laser dentistry at Smile 90210. With our laser we can treat many periodontal problems without surgery. This means a more effective result, faster healing times, and less cost to our patients. Many times we can do the treatments without anesthesia!! There are 27 other procedures that we can perform with the EZ-LASE diode dental laser. From whitening to treating canker sores the laser is technology that every state of the art dental office should have available for you the patient.

Our intra oral camera offers our patients an up close look at whatís going on inside their mouths. Incredible resolution and magnification on a big LCD screen gives us a big advantage over standard tiny mirrors that are probably used by your U.S. dentist. Not only do we see better in the tiny nooks and crannies but our patients can see along with us.

Sterilization is another key issue when it comes to technology in the dental office. Thatís why we invested in the #1 sterilization system available today. Your smile and your health are both as important to us as they are to you.

If you are considering Costa Rica for your dental needs, Smile 90210 wants to make sure that you stay in accommodations that fit your budget and lifestyle. No matter your budget we will help you find the right accommodations. We have a travel/treatment coordinator that will help you with your reservations, pick you up from the airport in our luxury SUV, pick you up from wherever you choose to stay and bring you to 90210. We will shuttle you back and forth for all of your dental appointments and also take you back to the airport, after your beautiful 90210 smile is completed. If you want to visit another clinic while you are in Costa Rica we will even drop you at your other appointments. We feel confident that you will choose 90210 and we don't want you taking taxis. That just doesn't seem right for a Smile 90210 patient.

One last reason for choosing 90210 for your dental care in Costa Rica might be cost. It's hard to believe that with our high level of care, service, technology, and ambience that we could also offer the absolute lowest fees in Costa Rica. But it's true!!! We charge the lowest fees according to the Costa Rican dental board that are allowed by the law. Not one penny more. We also offer credit on larger cases. Ask your treatment coordinator about how you can qualify.

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